Keep Your Head Above Water

Find a water intrusion specialist in Traverse City, MI

Your family used to spend time together in the basement. Then you began to smell a musty odor in the air. Now you see water creeping in.

Stop that water in its tracks and protect your Traverse City, MI home by contacting a water intrusion specialist. The team at Qualified Construction is experienced with water intrusion remediation.

A water intrusion specialist will come to your house and investigate the cause of the water leak. Once we find the source, we'll begin a water intrusion remediation process to fix the problem.

Keep your Traverse City, MI home dry and fresh smelling. Call a Qualified Construction specialist today.

Do you have water damage?

Do you have water damage?

Water leaks can cause serious damage in a short amount of time. The key to keeping the damage to a minimum is early detection.

Qualified Construction has three important tips for homeowners in the Traverse City, MI area:

  • Investigate that musty odor. If you've caught whiffs of a strong smell in your basement, you may think it's normal; all basements have a funny smell. However, it could be caused by a hidden water leak.
  • Take note of yellow stains on your walls. Paint doesn't turn yellow on its own. This discoloration could be a sign that water is dripping within your walls.
  • Call us if your ceiling or walls start to sag. If you see sagging in your walls or ceiling, you need to call a water intrusion specialist right away. Water pooling and accumulating is a common cause of this problem.
As soon as you see any of these signs in your house, seek the advice of a water intrusion specialist. Our team will check out the problem areas in your home in Traverse City, MI and discuss your options for water intrusion remediation.